Viking Shield Maiden


The Viking Shield Maiden costume consists of a braided, tie belted, poly cotton tunic and a faux fur(snow leopard) collar, worn over braies and nipped in at the waist with a braided tie belt.

The accessorised simulated leather/fabric belt is available as an extra in the accessories section.
This is available in blue for children in sizes large and XL

For bigger  sizes, please refer to the adult version.


New for this year

It has long been thought that female Viking warriors were a myth, however advancements in archaeological and anthropological techniques have revised thinking. It would appear that there was an elite group of women who went into battle alongside men, but not necessarily as foot soldiers. The evidence suggests that they were most likely mounted archers who, would rain arrows down on the enemy from the periphery of the battle!

To celebrate these brave women, I have come up with my shield maiden costume. The costume consists of the tunic and faux fur collar, worn over braids ( loose fitting trousers) and drawn in at the waist with a tie belt.
The accessorised, decorative belt can be ordered separately in the accessories section


Photos courtesy of David O Photography

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