Fur Trim Hooded Capelet


This lovely fur trim hooded capelet is the latest addition for this year. It is designed to complement the unisex medieval cloak and comes in a range of complimentary colours. A capelet is a must for a winter or eveningwear accessory with your costume.

A cross between a cowl and a shawl, this is  Hand-made from crushed velvet and lined. Ideal for transitioning between seasons. An alternative to a cardigan or jacket. Keeping shoulders warm and hands-free.




This lovely capelet has fur trim for the hood and is the latest addition to my range for this year. I designed it to complement the unisex medieval cloak, which you can see here – Medieval Cloak. The fur trim Hooded capelet is available in a range of complementary colours and is a must for a Winter or evening wear accessory with your costume. A hooded capelet is a cross between a cowl and a shawl. With fur trim for the hood, and hand-made from crushed velvet and antistatic lining, this is Ideal for cooler seasons.  As such, It is also an excellent alternative to a cardigan or jacket which is great at keeping shoulders warm and leaving your hands-free.

All my costumes are handmade using only the best materials and are lovingly created in my own workshop.  I craft beautiful, quality, fancy dress costumes for children and adults that cannot be found on the high street. I add to my designs each year so that as your child grows, you can come back for something different and more age-appropriate. I’m frequently told that I am away with the fairies, and this is definitely reflected in my favourite ranges. I have recently introduced a range for boys, including classics such as Robin Hood and Medieval Knights.

Each costume and item that I make is designed entirely by myself, so you’re getting a unique handmade item. The fantasy lines are what I would have loved as a child, whilst the historical ranges are based on evidence and images from the period.

I draw my own patterns and source only the best fabrics to ensure that quality remains top notch.

Photos courtesy of David O Photography

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Medium/Large, XL/Teen


Wine, Green, Gold, Navy


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