Anglo Saxon/ Viking Women’s costume

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Saxon and Viking women wore very similar clothing consisting of a full-length, woollen or linen shift and a HAGEROK (apron) which was decorated with braids or elaborate brooches and bead strings.

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I have a great selection of Anglo Saxon Viking Women’s costumes for Fancy dresses or those ‘special’ occasions when you want to be different from everyone else.  Saxon and Viking women wore very similar clothing which consisted of a full length, woollen or linen dress, and HAGEROK (apron).  The apron could have been decorated with braid or turtle brooches and beads.  In this costume, the apron is fully reversible and, has braid on the one side, allowing you to decorate the other in your own fashion should you wish to.For easy care, my shifts dresses, are made from polycotton and the aprons are a linen blend., Each outfit comes with  a braided belt.

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Anglo Saxon Viking outfits have become increasingly popular, mainly due to the hit TV films and dramas.  However, for those of you in need of a little recap, here’s some insight into who the Saxons and Vikings were. The Saxon and the Viking age was a period in European history, in the early Middle Ages, between AD700 and 1100. Anglos Saxons were a cultural group that inhabited mainland Briton, whilst Vikings were Pagans from Scandinavia , (Sweden, Denmark and Norway), who explored by longboat other European countries, in search of trade, colonization, and in some cases to conquer. 

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1 review for Anglo Saxon/ Viking Women’s costume

  1. Jan

    I am so happy with the costume I ordered. I work at a school and really wanted an authentic costume. It’s even better than the photo and I can’t wait to wear it!

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