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Hand Made Quality

Lovingly created in my own workshop. I craft beautiful, quality fancy dress costumes for children and adults, that are reasonably priced and cannot be found anywhere on the high street.

Express Your Inner Fairy

I add to my designs each year, so that as your child grows, you can come back for something different and more age appropriate. I’m frequently told that I am away with the fairies, and this is definitely reflected in my favourite make – the 3 Piece Fairy Costume.

Recently introduced is a range for boys, including classics such as Robin Hood and Medieval Knights.

Our Products

Each costume and item I make is designed entirely by myself, so you’re getting a unique handmade item. The fantasy lines are what I would have loved as a child, whilst the historical ranges are based on evidence and images from the period.
I draw my own patterns and source only the best fabrics to ensure that quality remains top notch.

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I am always willing to discuss your requirements and will endeavour to make whatever it is that you need!


All our costumes are handmade using only the best materials.